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Наша команда собрана из специалистов, успешно работающих в этой сфере торговли уже более 15 лет.

Основной деятельностью ООО «Рисма-Фуд» является одним из ведущих импортеров креветок и морепродуктов.

Вся продукция проходит строгий контроль качества и имеет все необходимые документы и сертификаты.

Расширенный  ассортимент позволяет нам работать с  ресторанами и другими предприятиями, требующими всегда только самого свежего и высококачественного товара.

Мы всегда рады новым партнерам и готовы гарантировать вам  хороший сервис по обслуживанию, а также по доставке товара.

Catering to the taste buds of the Seafood lovers all around Russia, Risma Food Ltd brings a delectable assortment of high quality Frozen Seafood to Russia . The company has come up as one of the most trusted and sought-after Exporters, Importer and Suppliers of Frozen Seafood. The Frozen Seafood assortment comprises of Frozen Fishes, Frozen Shrimps, Frozen Octopus, Frozen Sand Lobsters and Frozen Mud Crabs.

With the experience of more than 15 years in industry, the company has made a steady progress in this domain and stands tall as a highly reliable entity in this business. The Frozen Seafood is widely demanded across the global markets and the company has been prospering under the capable guidance of Mr. Saidur Rahman.


The company has made proper arrangements for the storage of the Frozen Seafood and the warehouses designed for this purpose and spacious and well-maintained. The warehouses have segmented storage facilities for the different types of the Frozen Seafood and are constantly under observation.


The company is known for its commitment to deliver the best quality Frozen Seafood to the clients. The procurement takes place through the highly trusted sources of the company and the packaging is also done in the safe and highly durable materials.


The company is capable of delivering the Frozen Seafood to any part of Russian Federation and the delivery is always on time. This can be attributed to the safe and efficient network of transportation of the company, which ensures the safe delivery of the Frozen Seafood in shortest possible time period.

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